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FatCow Sign Up Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions by business owners and bloggers is ‘What is the best web hosting company to power their website?’
Picking up the right web hosting company is very crucial in running a business so it pays to be keen in looking at the services each company offers. For those who have been shifting from one web hosting to another might as well be interested in knowing what to look out for in a great web hosting service provider.
What are the criteria? You need to explore what it takes to build a website and how to maximize your web presence. Now, if you’re a business owner, writer, author who wants to build a site for commercial purposes or personal use there are criteria anyone aggresses to put major attention to.

Round-the-clock live support

Does the company offer 24/7 customer support service? This must be the first question to ask. You’re investing money by buying web hosting so you must make sure that whenever you’re website go down you don’t have to wait for a long time for technical support. Either by phone or email, a company hosting your site must be responsive to your needs especially if you’re not so techy.

 Disk space

What’s makes a web hosting company even better if it has unlimited disk space so you don’t have to worry how much files you can put on it.

 Domain name

One great feature of web hosting company is that it allows you to add many domain names on one hosting accounts. Say, you will register 10 domain names yet you need not to pay for 10 domain names. It is only one-time fee so you have 10 website in one account.


To get as wide potential customers as possible you need to set up mailboxes in multiple organizations using the same hosting company. It allows your promotional ads to get to the leading social media platforms so that you can have many followers.
In terms of quality service and score in search engines Fatcow is one those great companies available today. It managed to be in the business for a long time and has been continuing to astound its clients. Fatcow is banking on its long years of providing server space for various sites.
What is the advantages using of fatcow? Here are the benefits of choosing the company as your web hosting provider:


The first thing you will notice when you visit fatcow is the wide array of hosting package. You can choose from these purchase packages which are definitely within your budgetary capacity.


Domain name, web hosting and web builder, all these services can be found in fatcow. The company offers unlimited domain names and disk space. Also it has unlimited bandwidth, web analytics tools and many more. You also get google tools through which you can have your google search within your site. Moreover, it has google tracker tool which means that google can track how people browse your site


 Crew support

Most importantly, it offers 24/7 support either through email, live chats and phone.
How to sign up for fatcow?This guide will walk you through the process of how to set up your website at fatcow.

  1.  Search and you will be taken to the site
  2.  Click on Get Started.
  3.  Select Register a new domain name. In the domain name box type the web address you want to own. After choosing your address, click check availability.
  4.  If the address is taken already a message will pop up saying so. You will have to choose another name.
  5.  You will then be taken to the next screen asking for billing information.
  6.  Fill up contact information and payment information form
  7.  In the purchase information make sure to choose 12 months. Now, uncheck all the boxes
  8.  Hit check out. You will be taken to the page Getting started. To proceed to the next page hit No Thanks.
  9.  Hit No Thanks again in the following page. Now, your website is already set up. Congratulations!